Monday, July 27, 2009

"we leave the fate of our world to chance."

there is only one reason why i look forward to the Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince movie -- or any of the series in fact -- and it's because of Rupert Grint (well maybe not in The Goblet Of Fire because i hated his hair there). it is not a secret among my peers that i have this current thing for Rupert but apparently it comes as a surprise to them. i don't know why but it seems to be weirding them out. was it too hard to handle? HAHA

i'm sure all of you were thinking that this whole movie experience was, again, showcasing how awesome i am in fangirling that it shows on my reviews but it's not gonna be that. no, not today. i tried to analyze the movie intellectually and see if i can understand at least half of it. to be honest, i have never read the book only until after the movie so this explains why i am in awe in the whole sequence of the film. but i have actually read the last book so i may have at least an idea of what is going on. so before watching the film, i reminded myself to separate the movie from the book. and also, i reminded myself to actually analyze the story carefully in which i did and i'm proud. HAHA

the obvious, OBVIOUS comment i've heard about the movie was the one where they said there are contrasting parts from the book to the movie. THAT'S WHY i reminded myself: what you read ain't what you get. David Yates gave his own interpretation of HBP and that's not saying he's better than the author or any of us who've read the book. and it worked. personally, i didn't care if Luna Lovegood was the one who found Harry in the bus instead of Tonks. there was no issue whether the quest for getting Horace Slughorn's memory was altered a bit. and absolutely no problem about the way Mr. Yates had portrayed that Hermione-Ron-Lavender Brown love triangle.

being a fan, i am mostly bothered by people who say the movie was boring and did not liven up to their expectations of the series. well personally i could agree with this only if i did not understand even at least half of it. what makes a movie interesting in a moviegoer's perspective is his level of involvement in the elements of the movie (e.g. emotions, acting, plots). i had this urge to understand in context what the movie is trying to explain and it didn't pass as boring to me at least.

now let's talk about Ron Weasley. HAHAHAHA KIDDING! no but seriously, this paragraph may have a dose of fangirling involved so i'm telling you earlier. you have been warned. i love the fact that the three main characters have grown up so much physically and acting-wise. i was looking back at the younger Ron Weasley in The Sorcerer's Stone and i can't not say how cute he was. the words are just urging to come out of my mouth. and look how he is now, huh. that boy has grown into one fine man. and i'd probably stop myself here to prevent myself for going any further about Won-Won.

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson) have matured enough but the feeling of familiarity is still there. David Yates might have altered the book a bit but he didn't fail to give the audience the same trio that we have come to know and love. and the actors are brilliant as well. and then there's Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), who had at least a bigger involvement in the movie than the last one, and Snape (Alan Rickman) who, in my opinion, are the strongest players in this game. they lived up to their characters so much that it shows. another great characterization goes to Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent) who lived up to what J.K. Rowling has intended her to be. disturbed and mysterious with a bright sense of favoritism. Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) and Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) are my favorites in the movie one: for being pretty fierce and two: for being fiercely pretty. i don't know if many of you've realized but these two should be given more recognition often.

that being said, i could say the movie is given proper justice by Mr. Yates than what i could with my own interpretation. it is fairly enjoyable considering the amount of information you need to grasp to decipher what was going on althroughout. every scene is important to know this. if you have the patience, then i reckon you could possibly enjoy the movie with or without noticing its flaws. and then you could see how amazing Rupert Grint was in the movie and yes i was only saying that because i am such an admirer. HAHAHA. but he is. :))

now there's a huge part of me that's saying i don't want this to end yet but i can't wait for the next and final installment. even if it's going to be in two parts.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

robots versus ego

let's see if i remember this clearly.....

it was Friday -- that i could easily recall for i voluntarily skipped my morning class not entirely because we had scheduled a movie date. and also, i think it was around that week in which Michael Jackson died and was all over the news and stuff. i'd spoil you first on the details before the main event because it is deemed as entertaining on its own. HAHA. so we ate homemade lunch at LoveLove's and watched a travel documentary for Hong Kong and Korea. Hong Kong was supposed to be for Jeyel's thesis but we ended up watching the Korea one too because Cesca and i are such fans. i remember smiling the whole time and Jeyel never fails to remind me of that fact. LOL. i wanted to go back and eat there again because LoveLove is such a good cook. i loved it even though i never knew what it was called. (LoveLove should owe me something now because i made puri her luto. HAHAHA.) the most interesting item though in their house was the Haagen-Dazs menu that she and her brother took deliberately from the store. i love it because i love looking at food and more so because it's dessert. HEAVEN ♥

SO. FINALLY moving on to the main event. WE WATCHED TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and first things first, i missed watching movies with my friends because i haven't done it in a long time (DUH?) so it's officially the happiest moment of my life. forgive me if i get OA with these kinds of stuff. LOL. i was supposed to write a review about the movie but i don't think i could come up with a decent one because i am too blinded with the Shia-ness to even bother about what's going on. plus i kind of dozed off for 5 minutes in that scene where they are running and dodging and running from all that tackling and crashing and tackling. BUT I DON'T CARE because i loved it. well, not much love but whatever. it's kind of like a dump for excessive special effects that there's no more room for the actual storyline. what exactly is the movie about anyways? so there are multiple plots and lots of robots and cleavages courtesy of Megan Fox and that robot-chick. oh, well maybe it is a movie made for every ego of every human being. much preferably the guys when they can actually stare at Megan's boobs and not be prejudiced. but what am i saying when i've already confessed that i loved it? :)))))))

i'll give you one: because i love Shia LaBeouf. and watching a movie (and loving it) only because you admire who's in it is pathetic. well sue me but i really do. HAHAHA. there are no troubles in his acting, as i recall. and he's entertaining to watch. but there's one problem though. i'm not sure whether his character is a confused 14 year old boy undergoing puberty or a problematic teenager who wishes for a normal robot-free life because i'm pretty sure i've seen both sides in the movie.

another thing is the special effects. because i understood that the whole movie is made up entirely out of special effects that you can't not notice it. it is, like, practically stampered all over your face. you can see it, hear it, feel it (not sure about the last part though, i thought the impact was huge it gave me goosebumps). assorted vehicles transforming right before your very eyes is wicked awesome unless you are aware that what you see are genetically enhanced creatures from the techno world. it is unbelievable yet imaginative at the same time. i believe there's one part in the transforming that i strived to calculate which part goes where. that only made my head spin. and i actually forgot to remind myself that there will be excessive usage of clinks and clonks had it not rung into my brain for the entire duration of the movie. it's like LSS only tolerable.

overall i think the movie was entertaining. stupid, yes, but fun to watch. i think Michael Bay disregarded his moviegoers' intellect as people who look for logic in everything. he basically dumped us on a diarrhea of special effects but who's complaining? as long as there are robots willing to fight for mankind, then it's sold. no matter how hard you think about it, you'll find yourself entertained anyways.

now you tell me: what EXACTLY is The Revenge Of The Fallen about?

Monday, July 20, 2009

i just wanted to keep this blog alive..

looking back, i realized that this blog served as my outlet into anything and everything i have in mind for the past 3 years.. and i wanted to update it sooner only if i had the time to do so. oh yeah, the very cliched "i've been busy" quote is ringing in this post again. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT I WANTED TO SAY but unfortunately couldn't go around to doing it. TV shows and movies that i have seen and wanted to share my thoughts to the world.. school and personal stuffs that might go well into writing about them. stuffs that i normally do back then. back when i had all the time in the world. but i wanted to do it again because i missed it so much. it makes me happy.. i'm happy right now because i'm doing this again. you know that feeling, when you look back to the things that make you feel alive inside? the feeling of reviving yourself? that what i feel right now.. i can't promise to write very often but i can trust myself into the responsibility of keeping this blog alive. these thoughts inside my head need to get out once in a while or else i might be talking to myself randomly -- which i do often. HAHA.

so i guess this is just a welcome back post. i'll be back with reviews for Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen and Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. and keep me reminded about that Boys Over Flowers review that i should've done after i finished watching it -- yes people, i've watched and waited for the finale a day after it aired in Korea as soon as subs are out. i'll keep you posted. :)

in the meantime:

i *heart* these two dorks. <333

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finding Neverland + Black Pearl

i kind of forgot to post these photo shoots here on my blogspot as well so you'll see this just now.. this all happened last May.. editing is TOO SLOW for me since it took too long for me to finish the manips for all pictures.. but all these shoots are fun!.. besides not having a clear concept and all (i say this everytime) FUN, FUN, FUN! :)











Monday, June 01, 2009

i'm still here believing that both of us will meet again..

"if i could, i want to say it one more time, that i really like you. my heart's desire for you and my words can't reach you anymore."

i am not really that fond of jpop for i listen to a very few songs from that genre.. but what's interesting is how a particular song gets me from the first listen.. be it because i know them already or because i think they're cute, the songs really do matter.. take Tohoshinki for example, i'm not really following their career in Japan and rarely listen to their Japanese songs but i love their ballads -- Why Did I End Up Falling In Love With You and Bolero.. i still think they're better where they came from and i'm just saying that because i'm bias with kpop.. yes, their Japanese songs are good but it's this feeling because i listen to kpop very often that i ignore their works in Japan.. and now they released their latest single from their latest album in Japan and i have to say that i love it.. yes, because it's a ballad and i'm a sucker for sad songs and yes, because the lyrics are sad..

the MV was also wonderful regarding the fact that it is DBSK-less but still the feel of the song is still there.. this is also the first time that i actually loved their Japanese MV.. obviously, i ignored this one just like what i did to some of their songs and to be completely honest, i really have no idea why i ended up listening to it anyways but at least i did, right?.. the lyrics are lovely because it's sad and it is the main reason why i favored this song.. the melody is as sad as the words and it feels like it is making you cry or bawl or whatever.. from a fangirly point of view -- i could listen and watch to this all day.. ;)